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About Us

Bravo was set up in 2014 by David Swift (company director) and Martin Spencer.

Members of Bravo will be given opportunities to perform in and offer technical support to a variety of styles of production; these productions will include published plays and musicals as well as new writing.

Creative professionals and partners may also be asked to lead, participate in or contribute to rehearsals, sessions and workshops.

As a member or person interested in working with Bravo, you will be encouraged to learn new skills and enhance your existing skill set. For instance, you may have written material suitable for performance (a poem, a song, a play or musical). If so, please submit the material and we will be discuss it with you to see if we can work together.

Alternatively, there may be an existing play or show you really want to perform in or be involved in. Again, please contact us and it will definitely be given due consideration.

Above all else, we want the rehearsals and drama related sessions you attend to be fun and enjoyable but a certain level of commitment will be required once the roles in any production have been cast.

The exact details of the rehearsal schedule will be discussed with you and will be published on the members only Facebook group page or by email if you prefer.

Bravo now has a Creative Director, Saime Higson.

Bravo’s aims are to:

We want to hear from you whether or not

you have any experience.

There is a significant emphasis within Bravo on social activities, such as organised trips to see other theatrical productions in the North West, going on days out and meals together.

Members are strongly encouraged to suggest ideas for possible projects and social activities as all suggestions will be discussed in an open and friendly environment.