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DEBORAH McGILL: Tsaritsa Alexandra

Deborah is a qualified counsellor by profession doing volunteer work with people struggling with bereavement issues.  She is also very interested in Naturopathic health and has a Diploma in Holistic Therapy.

Deborah has completed a BA English Language and Literature degree including the theory of drama at Salford University and as part of her drama studies she played the role of Cornelia in the John Webster’s medieval play ‘The White Devil’ at Media City in Salford.

Deborah has also played the role of Lady Bracknell in the Bravo production of the classic play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. In her first major dramatic role, Deborah has found the role of Alexandra (aka Alix) both relatable and challenging. She believes that drama can be a powerful tool not only as a form of entertainment but as a way of reaching out to people to inspire and to educate.

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