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This was Emma's third performance with Bravo. She was previously seen in the world premiere of "Wheeler Fortune". Last year she experienced her first taste of Shakespeare where she played the roles Curio and first officer in "Twelfth Night"; she really enjoyed that challenge, saying: 'I enjoyed the roles and everyone did brilliantly, it was a lovely cast and directors to work with.'

Emma goes on to say, 'Blood Brothers is my favourite play, having watched it in London when I was 12 years old, I couldn't stop crying after the play ended, it was the best birthday present ever. I can't wait to come and perform this play and I think everyone in the cast will be amazing, no doubt of that.'

Her ultimate dream is to be a stage and screen actor and also a professional singer. She studied performing arts at Wigan and Leigh College for 5 years, starring in College of the Dead, Rouge’s Gold, Shakers and many more. Since leaving college, she has attended classes at Act Up North and appeared in a short drama featured on Granada Reports.

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