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Kieran Kelly: Inspector John Fox

Kieran’s first professional role was as Kinicky in Grease and Brad in The Rocky Horror Show. Since then, Kieran has performed in tours all over the UK and abroad.

After a successful run of ‘Blood Brothers’  in 2015 in which Kieran played Mickey, he then toured Europe and performed in the world’s oldest National Theatre, Manoel Teatru, performing numerous different Shakespeare productions and appearing as Macbeth. He also began working as a stage Manager for ‘Lord Of The Flies’.  

Having moved back to the UK, Kieran began to concentrate more on voiceovers as well as stage and screen worked. This year, Kieran will be appearing in the Short film ‘MPK’ as well as touring the Midlands in December with ‘Puss In Boots’ This is Kieran’s first time working with Bravo theatre Company and he is looking forward to bringing life and mystery to Inspector Fox.

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