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Chris Sherburn: Bruno Tombola

Chris began acting by doing amateur voice acting projects. In 2016 he got a chance to perform in stage in Bravo Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, in which he played the bombastic Sir Toby Belch.

Since his debut performance as Sir Toby, Chris has ventured into other acting projects, including the Reverend John Braithwaite in Oswaldtwisle Civic Arts Centre's production of Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn.

In 2017 he also played Dr Bernard Longstaff in Chorley Little Theatre's production of Season's Greetings (also by Ayckbourn).

In the week before Dangerous Sequins of Events, Chris played Joe in "Go Go Gabriel: The Rock Nativity", alongside Emma Morris (Estelle), his first performance in a musical.

Dangerous Sequins of Events will be Chris' second production with Bravo Theatre Company and hopes that you enjoy watching the show as much as he enjoys bellowing out his lines!

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