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Dan Greenwood: Brandon Collins

Dan first experienced performing arts at 18 when he enrolled on a performing arts course at Salford College. This led him to University where he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Media Performance, which has led to experiences in: naturalistic theatre, physical theatre, musical theatre, theatre of the absurd and cruelty, pantomimes, Greek theatre, theatre in education and many more.

During his time performing, Dan has had lead roles in plays such as ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘The Woman in Black’, ‘Tales from Ovid’ and ‘Metamorphosis’ to name a few, on top of numerous devised pieces.


Having taken a break from performing for a number of years, Dan has enrolled on a PGCE course to become a drama teacher and is currently teaching a college level two days a week. However this will be the first time he’s performed in a few years and he is very excited by the prospect of exploring something brand new: a murder mystery.

Dan also has skills and experience with other technical aspects when it comes to the performance industry such as video editing, directing, scriptwriting and filming for television. This is Dan’s first production with Bravo Theatre Company.

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