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Michelle Parker: Inspector Jane Fox

Inspector Fox has been hired to monitor and maintain security during the show. Having had a long and interesting career in law and order she now offers security to private events with her business partner Sergeant Donald Trot. The two are known for their attention to detail and have even prevented guests such as IRula leinski and karyans deanes from joining parties as they were not on the security checked list. Inspector Fox is stern and though rather short, has gravitas and presence. She does not suffer fools or nonsense.

This is Michelle's first show with Bravo. She is a recent graduate of ICAT with a Trinity College diploma (distinction) in speech and performance. Michelle’s dream was to “have one line on Corrie” and having achieved that she is now with the Bravo team for this performance. Michelle’s next goal is “one line in the Archers”.

November was a busy month for Michelle as she also had a showcase with Manchester Actors Platform and is planning a show of her own with her own company.

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