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Yvonne Curwen: Eileen Philbert

Having studied acting in England, Yvonne has worked with many theatre companies in roles whoch included Roselyn in 'Face the Music', Alice in 'Babes in the Wood', Dandini in 'Cinderella', Blotch in 'Superted and various stage opportunities at Granada Tours.

After moving to Ireland in 1996, she appeared as Virginia in 'Uncharted Waters', Beck in Marina Carr's "The Mal" and a host of characters in 'Moments to Remember' (a compilation of Irish writers' work). She also took part in Nightown for the Bloomsday Festival.

When living in Dublin she was a co-founder of "Sense Theatre", performing in a number of plays. Now back in the UK, her recent roles were Clytemnestra in 'Agamemnon' and Alteus in 'Lunar 7'. Apart from theatre, Yvonne is also involved in character work and other murder mystery events.

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