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Blog 2015, part 1

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29/04/2015: Some of the members of Bravo enjoyed a very nice meal out at Summat to Ate in Hindley. Bravo contributed to the cost to as a thank you for peoples’ work and efforts.

10/04/2015: The ‘get out’ from the Mill at the Pier took place today, with the set deconstructed and everything else tidied away after a very successful first production.

09/04/2015: The final performance was a SELL OUT, with extra seats having to be drafted in because of the demand!

08/04/2015: The second performance went well and many of the audience members stay behind to quiz the director and cast at the Question and Answer session.

07/04/2015: The preparation continued apace after the Easter break, with a full dress rehearsal. Then It was time for the WORLD PREMIERE of ‘Wheeler Fortune’. A good sized audience witnessed the opening night.

02/04/2015: The ‘get in’ to the Mill at the Pier took place today, with the set constructed on the performance area. Lots of other technical areas along with sound cues, entrances and exits were worked on.

01/04/2015: Martin and Angela were invited live on Salford City Radio by Tom Hughes.

29/03/2015: The company held the last full length rehearsal at Up Holland Library, which included all props and costumes.

24/03/2015: Over the last few weeks, the company has held 2 sessions a week at Up Holland Library. There have also been some extra rehearsals to run lines, along with some production meetings where the publicity material was discussed and agreed before being delegated to a number of the members. Angela, Sharon, Andy and Martin continued working on the scenery today.

17/03/2015: Angela, Sharon, Martin and David started the work to decorate the scenery for the play.

08/02/2015: The company held a lengthy but very productive rehearsal at Up Holland Library.

04/02/2015: David led the discussion and read through of “The Digger’s Daughter”.

01/02/2015: Martin led a good rehearsal at Up Holland Library.

28/01/2015: After the notices, Martin led the rehearsal; David and Sharon and some other members read through some scenes from the Digger’s Daughter play.

21/01/2015: After the notices and a warm up led by Heather, Martin led the rehearsal.

18/01/2015: Martin led a very productive principals’ rehearsal at Up Holland Library.

14/01/2015: After the notices and a warm up led by Sharon, Martin led the rehearsal which saw Paul Worrall begin the work on his role as Alex. We also welcomed four people, who attended for the first time.

11/01/2015: David led the first production meeting for Wheeler Fortune at Up Holland Library.

07/01/2015: Martin and David led a discussion session following the withdrawal of 2 cast members. The next possible project after ‘Wheeler Fortune’ was outlined by Sharon for the benefit of those present.

04/01/2015: Martin and David led a principals’ rehearsal at Up Holland Library. It was an extended and good session; special thanks to Angela for coming along and reading in as Vera.

03/01/2015: Some of the members and invited friends came together this evening to enjoy a very nice New Year meal and disco at Ashfield House Hotel in Standish.