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“Dangerous Sequins of Events” by Saime Higson

This new murder mystery play is set at a tribute dinner to the late Sir Brian Forrest, the original host of a well known TV dancing show. It was presented at St Peter’s Pavilion in Hindley in November 2018. Click an image if you want to read more about the cast.


Rehearsal and production photos will be posted soon.

Harriet Reed-goodehall

Gemma Anderson

David Swift

Tina Dayton

Clara Winkler

Anton Du Bois

Saime Higson

Chris Sherburn

Yvonne Curwen

Lilia Kopylodova

Bruno Tombola

Eileen Philbert

Carla Gwynne Deb Judic David Swift Josh Gwynne Leo Burke Amy Stout Emma Morris Garry McMahon Katie Atkinson

Emma Morris

Dan Greenwood

Heather Louise Sharpe

Estelle Lorde

Brandon Collins

Louise Canon

Garry McMahon

Michelle Parker

Inspector Jane Fox